Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics ::.
Year: 2018


Papers in International Journals with referees

Aydi, E., Page, K. L., Kuin, N. P. M., Darnley, M. J., Walter, F. M., Mróz, P., Buckley, D., Mohamed, S., Whitelock, P., Woudt, P., Williams, S. C., Orio, M., Williams, R. E., Beardmore, A. P., Osborne, J. P., Kniazev, A., Ribeiro, V. A. R. M., Udalski, A., Strader, J., Chomiuk, L.: Multiwavelength observations of nova SMCN 2016-10a --- one of the brightest novae ever observed. Journal webpage;. PDF from ArXiv;. PDF from RIA , Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 474, 2018, 2679-2705.

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