Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics ::.
Year: 2019


Papers in International Journals with referees

Darnley, M. J., Hounsell, R., O’Brien, T. J., Henze, M., Rodríguez-Gil, P., Shafter, A. W., Shara, M. M., Vaytet, N. M. H., Bode, M. F., Ciardullo, R., Davis, B. D., Galera-Rosillo, R., Harman, D. J., Harvey, E. J., Healy, M. W., Ness, J.-U., Ribeiro, V. A. R. M., Williams, S. C.: A recurrent nova super-remnant in the Andromeda galaxy, Nature, 565, 2019, 14 pp.

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