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Year: 2017
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The second edition will continue to discuss the importance of the entropy concept and the maximum entropy principle in diverse areas of science. This edition includes a tutorial on Info-Metrics presented by Professor Amos Golan (Info-Metrics Institute, American University; Santa Fe Institute; Pembroke College, Oxford)
V Workshop of the Probability and Statistics Group — Interdisciplinarity and applications
It is a pleasure to announce the organization of the fifth edition of the workshop of the Group of Probability and Statistics (GPS) of the CIDMA research unit. The main goal is to promote the importance of the interdisciplinarity of Statistical Science with others scientific research areas. In this edition, the workshop is focused on both statistical methods and statistical models and their applications on Environment, Biomedicine and Neuroscience areas. The main purpose is to strengthen links among researchers who apply, or intent to apply, probability and statistical methods in their research works
127th European Study Group with Industry, ESGI 127. Aveiro, Portugal
Ana Raquel Xambre, Cristina Requejo e Rui Borges Lopes (Grupo de Otimização, teoria dos Grafos e Combinatória), Helena Alvelos e Vera Afreixo (Grupo de Probabilidades e Estatística) participaram na Comissão Organizadora
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