Functional Analysis and Applications ::.
Year: 2018


Papers in International Journals with referees

S. Aizicovici, N. S. Papageorgiou, V. Staicu: Sensitivity analysis of parametric elliptic optimal control problems (, Pure and Applied Functional Analysis, 3, 2018, 27-42.

S. Aizicovici, N. S. Papageorgiou, V. Staicu: Strongly nonlinear second order multivalued Dirichlet systems (, J. Nonlinear Variational Analysis, 2, 2018, 3-23.

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L.P. Castro, A.M. Simões: Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of nonlinear integral equations through the Bielecki metric ( and, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 4857, 2018, 1-17.

A. Cellina, V. Staicu: On the regularity of solutions to variational problems of fast growth (, Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, Online first publ. 15 March 2018, 2018, 13 pp.

N. J. Ford, H. Moayyed and M. M. Rodrigues: Orthogonality for a class of generalised Jacobi polynomials (, Fractional Differ. Calc., 8(1), 2018, 95-110.

V. N. Huy, M. M. Rodrigues and N. M. Tuan: Norm estimates and uncertainty principles associated with the Laguerre integral transform (, Complex Anal. Oper. Theory, 12, 2018, 683-704.

F. Leonetti, E. M. Rocha, V. Staicu: Smallness and cancellation in some elliptic systems with. measure data (online first:., J. Math. Anal. Appl., 465, 2018, 885-902.

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