Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics ::.
The goal of the Gravitational Geometry and Dynamics Group is to produce internationally competitive research in Gravitational theory both at relativisitic level, with applications to cosmology, black hole physics, graviational wave physics, high energy physics and mathematical physics, and Newtonian level, with application to solar system dynamics and exo-planet detection and dynamics.

More specifically we shall continue:

- performing state of the art numerical simulations of strong gravity systems;

- developing cosmological models compatible with state of the art observational data;

- developing analytical and numerical methods for understanding the dynamics of multiplanetary
systems and constraining formation and evolutionary scenarios;

- deriving habitability constraints of exoplanets from their dynamical interactions.

Prof. Doutor Alexandre Correia
X Black Holes Workshop
2 days conference, gathering almost 100 scientists in Aveiro, discussing the topic of black holes
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